What we are offering

We've kept remote B2b startup sales teams at the centre of our product and
only built features that helps them dominate their industry.

Helping Remote Sales Teams crush their quotas.

Focus on Revenue

Focus on Revenue

Collaborate with your team to track accounts, deals and leads and the inflow they generate.

Visualize Pipelines

Visualize Pipelines

Custom pipelines with custom fields for both leads and deals enable you to set tools around your processes.

Track and Optimize

Track and Optimize

Understand why deals close and why they don't, generate granular insights and optimize your processes.

The Most Effective Sales Tool Out There.

If you're a B2b startup sales team that works remotely, you won't find a better tool than Dominate, simply because
we've prioritized remote selling around everything we've built for you.

Sales Centre

Our sales centre has a complete collection of tools that your team can
use through the entire sales cycle -right from prospecting to reaching
out at scale, tracking data and closing deals.

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Command Centre

Being the sales head comes with a lot of accountability. Our command centre helps you track your entire
team's progress and help them before they need it. Now set quotas for your organization and members,
create custom roles and permissions, approve leaves and create custom fields at the organization level.

command centre

Dominate Your sales quotas.

Granular Reporting

Now dig into granular insights about how your leads move through
pipelines, accounts that bring in maximum revenue and reasons why
deals are not closing.

Use the data to optimize your processes in real-time.

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Reach out to prospects at scale by defining time based triggers.
Engage and nurture leads directly from within the dominate console.

Proposals, Presentations and Estimates

Sales teams are not desginers and we get that.
Now choose from hundreds of templates to create value based proposals, send detailed
presentations or simple draft up estimates.

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Member Progress

Stay one step ahead of unmet quotas by understanding the needs of your
team and where they're struggling. Help them make better decisions with
Dominate Ai.

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