OAuth Home Page

i. Limited User Requirements Disclosure

Dominate.ai's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements

ii. OAuth Functionality

Dominate uses Google and Microsoft OAuth to provide a seamless experience to the users wherein users can get an integrated inbox experience that makes it easy to have deep integration between their google accounts and dominate eliminating the need to manually create the same contacts and events (or sync contacts and events) in both platforms and also compose and send emails from within dominate using your own gmail account to your leads with attachments and using templates stored in dominate.

It is important to note that none of your data is being stored in the dominate database. Nonw of your personal information being received from google is stored in dominate database as well. We are just using your approval to receive access tokens to enable you to use mails, contacts and events from within dominate.

All of your data such as emails, calendar events and contacts are being sourced directly from google in real time without any data being stored in dominate database - this is why there is also a slight delay for fetching the required information.

iii. Emails

Once you provide access to dominate and sign in with your gmail account, you will be able to start composing, sending, viewing, editing and deleting all of your emails right from within dominate.

This is important because since dominate has quotations and proposals functionality and also the ability to email leads from within the software itself, you can use your official email directly through gmail to now do this instead of having to keep a separate tab open for the same.

With this deep integration, you can be rest assured that you are not entering data repeatedly.

iv. Contacts

Sometimes, you may want to convert your existing contacts into leads and do not want to enter their details manually. This is why we have now have a deep integration with your google account so that you can view all your contacts within dominate.

Even if you want to sync your leads to your contacts - basically you want your dominate leads to become your google contacts, you can do the same as we have ability to create contacts in our application.

It is important to note that all contacts are being retrieved from your google account in real time and not being stored in dominate database. This is why there can also be a small delay for the same.

v. Events

Dominate provides you the ability to create followups for leads and also ability to create meetings with prospects. This means, you would need to create these on your calendar but users also require dominate calendar to be synced to their google or microsoft calendars, and this is why we have deep integrations providing our users the ability to create, view, edit and delete events from their calendars.

There are not "automated" tasks that are currently taking place inside Dominate in the context of OAuth. All activities are taking place based on manual intervention by each user. As already stated, no personal information such as contacts, emails and events are being stored at dominate database and is being fetched in real time from your google account.